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Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional mineral processing supplier. Over the years, we have accumulated rich successful experience in metal ores such as copper, molybdenum, gold, zinc, scheelite and rare metal ores such as cobalt, palladium and bismuth. . The production and application of efficient and environmentally friendly mineral processing agents provide effective support for the construction of green mines; at the same time, customized mineral processing solutions can be provided according to customer ore properties and production conditions.


  • 2003
    The Mining Group headquarter was moved to Beijing, located in Advanced Business Park, Fengtai District, Beijing
  • mining flotation reagents plant
    we invested mining flotation reagents plant which producing xanthate, dithiophosphate, Ethyl Thionocarbamate, frother, as well as other reagents.
  • 2009
    we acquired a Mine Design and Research Institute, which has has Grade A Qualification for Metallurgical Industry (Metallurgical Mine) Design and Grade A Qualification for Construction Engineering Design.
    Design Institute
  • Y&X Office
    Y&X Beijing Technology Co., Ltd. established, based on the the country's strategic slogan and the overseas development of the group.
  • 2017
    Certified as a National High-Tech Enterprise.
    About delivery
  • monitor
    we invested several million to realize the comprehensive video surveillance of the factory in Beijing office.

Our products

The main products developed by our company are: high-efficiency foaming agent, which is better than common foaming agents such as terpineol and MIBC; high-efficiency collector, which can improve the metal recovery rate to a greater extent than traditional collectors; pour point depressant It is a powerful tool for the beneficiation of complex refractory materials such as high talc, high carbon, and high fine mud/clay. Copper reducer provides better solutions for copper and molybdenum separation and other beneficiation operations; high-efficiency activators and regulators are also the cornerstone of our company to improve beneficiation indicators; compared with the world’s top brands, our flocculants are more cost-effective!

Team introduction

General manager
General manager
Worked in the mining field for 14 years, founder and principal of Y&X Beijing Technology.,Co.LTD
Overseas Marketing Director
Overseas Marketing Director
Responsible for product and brand promotion in overseas markets
HR Director
Human Resources Director
Mainly responsible for the company's personnel administration related work
technical director
Technical director
Responsible for product technology research and development and use of on-site technical support, etc.
financial director
Financial director
Mainly responsible for the company's financial work
Director of Operations
Director of Operations
Responsible for the formulation of channels and operational plans for the company's operations

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